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Share a beer with friends, that's all that matters

Far from being brewed only for experienced zythologists, the Bière des Amis has been created according to a traditional recipe of a beer with character. Here, no IPA, no fancy tastes, no Guatemalan hops or cask-aged beers…. Only the quality of its 100% Belgian ingredients makes it a beer of tradition, in complete simplicity.

Because the only thing that matters is to brew a good beer of thirst to drink with friends.

Speciality beer with character

The Bière des Amis, a top-fermenting lager, has to wait patiently for a few weeks before the second in-bottle fermentation gives it its natural sparkling and the extraction of all its aromas. Quality needs time, so does friendship…

Bière des Amis
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A unique process of de-alcoholization

What is unique about our de-alcoholization method? A low pressure under vacuum exerted on our beer allows the alcohol to evaporate at a very low temperature (30°C max). This prevents the loss of volatile aromas and ensures that the organoleptic qualities of our original Bière des Amis are maintained. Most of its gustatory and aromatic characteristics are thus preserved.