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    After having successfully bought back from the international group Heineken the «non-ciders» brands Kidibul, Vintense and Vivaro originally owned by Stassen S.A., Philippe Stassen and his team have the privilege to introduce Neobulles S.A., which owns three 100% Belgian trademarks:

    Kidibul has nearly become a common name, as the trademark is now part of most people’s everyday language. In Belgium, it represents no less than 80% of the market share in the sector of kids drinks and 30% of production are exported to close to fifteen countries all over the world.

    Vintense is an alcohol-free wine offering subtle and balanced flavours and aromas. It was created in 2012 and is the result of a unique process under vacuum and at low-temperature (35°C - 40°C) dealcoholisation of wines that have been carefully selected by oenologists. This unique process permits to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the original wine as well as most of its aromatic and gustative properties while ensuring an alcohol content of 0,0% Alc Vol. Although the market is still nascent, the trademark has experienced a genuine success in Belgium as well as in the United States, Canada and the Middle-East countries. (Vintense is HALAL certified)

    Vivaro has been on the Belgian market since the summer of 2013. The fruit-flavoured wine brand is quite recent but it meets a real market demand and an evolution in the tastes of customers looking for mor

    Besides its own trademarks, Neobulles is the exclusive distributor of a series of strong trademarks, such as Twist and Drink (BeNeLux), but also of international trademarks such as OSHEE (BeLux) as well as three Austrian Trappist beers Gregorius, Benno and Nivard from the Stift Engelszell brewery.

    Today, Neobulles S.A. offer a particularly wide and coherent range of drinks, with a high growth potential. These can be distinguished by the quality of their ingredients, their uniqueness in terms of taste and packaging, their complementarity as well as their perfect adequacy with the latest consumption trends noticed on our target markets. Neobulles now benefit from a comprehensive range of products which meet the expectations of every type of our customers: kids, teenagers and adults.

    By increasing their number of collaborators from 6 to 18 and consolidating their sales volume to over 68,000 hectoliters a year, Neobulles S.A. also reinforce their commercial and business capacities together with a team of young and dynamic collaborators who share the same values in order to keep serving you best.

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  • Our mission


    We aim at becoming a main and key actor in the drinks sector through the development of authentic and entertaining Belgian trademarks with a local renown and a strong international potential, as well as through the exclusive distribution onto our priority markets of brands already leading their sector on their own original market.

    Thanks to the expertise and the high added-value of our qualified collaborators, Neobulles fulfill in a cost-effective and lasting way their role in creating trends, scouting for innovations and animating the drinks sector. Our diversified although selective range of niche products meets the expectations of new consumption styles and moments, while offering through every step of their life cycle, high-quality, healthy, and consumer-friendly ingredients.
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Our labels

    • Fermer Kidibul

      Fruits, bubbles and nothing else!
      Kidibul, children love it and so do their parents!

      Kidibul, the Neobulles' company’s flagship product, just consists of fruit juice. Each 75 cl bottle of apple Kidibul needs the delicious juice from six lovely apples.

      The apples squeezed specially for the Kidibul Bio range are coming from the organic agriculture. A delicious peach juice, also organic, is added to the organic apple juice to give an inimitable taste to the apple-peach variety.

      Kidibul is a naturally good, healthy product, produced without preservatives or colouring, starting with the rigorous selection of the best fruit.
      It does not contain any added sugar.

      • 25cl
        Discover the Kidibul cans available in 25 cl - Apple and Strawberry-Apple tastes
      • 75cl
        Available in 75 cl
        Apple, Apple-cherry and Apple-strawberry
        Variety in the bio range : Apple and Apple-peach
      • 20cl
        The Apple taste is also available in 20 cl bottles.
    • Fermer

      Kidicool : the first still aperitif for kids – Fruits & Fun to celebrate all the good life moments

      Discover the new Kidicool and its unique taste :
      No added sugar *, No additives, No preservatives
      *Contains only sugars naturally present in the fruit

      The essential kids drink for all the festive moments, available in 75 cl reclosable and convenient bottle.
      Kidicool : nature in a bottle ! Only containing apple juice and Kiwi juice with zero bubbles for an irresistible taste !
      Kidicool, the children love it and the mums too !

      • 75cl
        Apple-kiwi taste
        Available in 75 cl
  • Fermer

    Develop with the unique know-how of our sommelier; the delicate free-alcohol wines Vintense are to be enjoyed without any moderation and at every occasion: a good reason to party some more !

    Golden Award

    Vintense Fines Bulles Rosé received a Gold award and Vintense Fines Bulles White was presented with a Silver Award. These Awards were granted by Monde Sélection, International Institute for Quality Selections and world leader in drink quality evaluations.

    • Collection Cépages
      Cépages collection
    • Collection Fines Bulles
      Fines bulles collection
  • Fermer

    Vivaro is the perfect association of wine and hints of fruits. 8, 4% alcohol, original and unique combination ; Vivaro is created to be the ideal partner of your aperitives and for all other self-treat moments...

    To enjoy at best, Vivaro should be served chilled. Pour into a tall glass over ice, or direct from the fridge, refreshingly stylish. To be savoured alone or with friends, discover the simple pleasure and the amazing fruity summer touches !

    Vary the pleasures with 3 amazing flavours to discover and enjoy.

    • Collection Cépages
      Grapefruit flavour
      Available in 75cl reclosable bottles
  • Fermer

    Twist&Drink ! This refreshing, non-sparkling, juice-based drink for kids has existed since 1973. Its unique and delicious taste comes from an exquisite blend of concentrated fruit juices and the famous Klosterquell spring water from the Austrian Alps.

    Twist&Drink contains no artificial flavor, sweetener or colouring.

    The shape of the light, unbreakable, colored and 100% recycling bottle makes it easily handheld. Thanks to the easy opening (by a single twist of the cap) a kid can taste its Twist&Drink in a safe and autonomous manner.

    Twist&Drink is available in 10 flavours.

    • Twist and drink
  • Fermer

    OSHEE is an isotonic drink created by and for sportsmen and sportswomen. It contains benefits at all level and suits perfectly any type of sport. It offers an ideal rehydration during and after effort and guarantees a continuous supply of glucose, vitamins (B&E) and minerals needed for a good recovery.

    What is more, OSHEE offers a wide range of 5 specific and complementary varieties (Lime-mint, orange, multi-fruit, pink and lemon), two of which are specifically made for runners and bikers.

    Far less sweet than the other sports drinks, OSHEE offers a “sugar-free” range dedicated to sportsmen and sportswomen worrying about their waistline. Finally, OSHEE is conditioned in a unique larger bottle (750ml), designed for a long-lasting effort.

    • Oshee